This is what our year would have looked like without COVID-19

There are more important things than motorcycling.
The Club isn't only concerned with keeping motorcycles alive.

 We must also do our best to keep each other alive and well.
Not having Club meetings, runs and events is a small price to pay for the good health of others.

Hopefully 2021 will see us back on the road and we'll all have a bit more appreciation for the simple pleasure of motorcycling in this lovely country of ours.

Keep your distance, wear a face mask and wash your hands.

Club Diary 2020

 Download the 2020 Diary here . . .

January 1st Charity Run Munster MCC
  8th Monthly Meeting IVVMCC  
February 5th Monthly Meeting AGM IVVMCC
March 4th Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
  8th Hanged Man's Run IVVMCC  
April 1st Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
  4th Event Manager Training All Clubs
  4th Youghal Run Youghal MCC
  12th Carlow Easter Show Leinster CMCC
  18th-19st Rudge Run Blackchurch RA
  26th Meeting of the Waters IVVMCC  
May 6th Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
  9th-10th Inchigeela Run Munster MCC
  14th-17th Slievenamon Run IVVMCC
  22nd-25th Leinster / Welsh Run Leinster CMCC
June 3rd Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
  5th-7th Golden Vale pre.'65 Run IVVMCC
  14th Timoleague Run West Cork MCC
  20th Ard Eireann Pre-'40 Run IVVMCC
  23rd-26th Tain Run IVVMCC
July 1st Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
  4th-5th Classic Run Leinster CMCC
  12th Summer Run IVVMCC
  18th Munster / West Cork Run Munster MCC
  25th-26th Dave Manly Run Blackchurch RA
August 5th Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
  7th-9th Heinkel Treffen IVVMCC
  15th Alan Wilson Vintage Run Cork MC & V Club
  24th-29th National Run Munster MCC
September 2nd Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
  6th Rigid Run Leinster CMCC
  11th-13th North West Benbulben Run IVVMCC
  27th Dates Meeting Reps of all Clubs
October 3rd Leopardstown Show IVVMCC
  4th Hardship Run Leinster CMCC
  7th Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
  10th Classic Run West Cork MCC
  24th-25th Joe O'Neill Run Blackchurch RA
November 4th Monthly Meeting IVVMCC
December 2nd Monthly Meeting IVVMCC



Club Diary (archive)


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